The Wisdom of Ancient Cosmology: Contemporary Science in by Wolfgang Smith

By Wolfgang Smith

Wolfgang Smith, drawing upon a unprecedented mix of workmanship in mathematical physics, philosophy and conventional metaphysics, has written broadly on interdisciplinary difficulties with regards to those respective domain names. the current booklet has developed out of a key ontological attractiveness consonant with customary metaphysical doctrine. based on a realist view of cognitive feel notion, it rejects the Cartesian dichotomy of res extensa and res cogitans, and obviates what Whitehead known as the fallacy of bifurcation. In an previous publication (The Quantum Enigma, 1995) the writer verified evidence: first, constant non-bifurcationist interpretation of physics will be formulated; and moment, that this removes at one stroke many of the varieties of "quantum paradox" caused by superposition and the so-called cave in of the kingdom vector. The an important aspect of the recent process, mandated via the aforesaid attractiveness, is an ontological contrast among the actual area, accessed through dimension, and the corporeal, accessed in terms of cognitive feel notion. within the current e-book the writer extends this metaphysically-based interpretation from primary physics to modern cosmology. by way of a couple of extra conceptions consonant, say, with the Thomistic doctrine-such because the inspiration of what he phrases "the extrapolated universe", or the suggestion of "vertical causation" when it comes to clever design-he treats a extensive variety of concerns from a unified metaphysical standpoint. now not strangely, his conclusions tent to be appreciably at odds with the present interpretations of medical info, whether those are established upon naturalistic or scientistically theistic presuppositions. The author's strategy may possibly therefore be characterised because the 3rd substitute: the only choice, it seems that, in line with the Aristotelian and Platonist traditions, and with the knowledge of Christianity, as delineated in particular within the Patristic writings.

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Thomas Aquinas, even the human intellect is able to perform its cognitive function only by virtue of its radical potency, whereby it becomes receptive to whatever object presents itself, even as the emptiness of a container makes it receptive to all manner of concrete things. It must not be thought, therefore, that indetermination exists only in the quantum world; for indeed, it exists everywhere, on every ontological plane of the integral cosmos; and not, moreover, as a foreign element, a kind of blemish, if you will, but precisely as the natural complement of act.

6 I am here to tell you that today, after seventy years of quantum debate, the situation remains fundamentally unchanged. Just about every other article of philosophic belief, it would seem, has been put on the table and subjected to scrutiny, whereas bifurcation continues to be implicitly presupposed by physicists, as if it were a sacrosanct dogma revealed from on high. And so "the muddle in scientific thought" continues, and has only been exacerbated by the demands of quantum theory. That's the bad news; the good news is that the situation can be remedied.

The fullness of the Christia~ life, in particular, demands a sacramental capacity on the part of matter which is totally inconceivable in terms of a reductionist ontology. There is no room for the Christie mysteries in a universe made up simply of fundamental particles. The deeper truths of religion have thus become unthinkable for us. In the final count, we know neither man nor the universe, because neither can be comprehended in separation from God; I am the truth, said Christ. To postulate, as we have, a self-existent universe productive of man, is to beget an illusion.

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