The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Confucianism by Rodney Leon Taylor, Howard Y. F. Choy

By Rodney Leon Taylor, Howard Y. F. Choy

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The term has been used to refer to a cluster of activities centered around departed relatives, the source of the term tsu. Such activities are composed of funeral rites, mourning ceremonies and customs, 4 and a continuing schedule of sacrifice and ritual observance. The term tsu is closely tied to lineage, specifically a patrilineal line, and thus in the practice of ancestor worship, it is the male lineage that is the object of the worship practice. According to one theory, the origin of the term tsu demonstrates the restriction of lineage to a patrilineal line.

See ch’eng (sincerity). Authority Authority takes several forms in the Confucian tradition. There is the authority of the ancient sheng or sages as the model of morality. Ultimately, the sages draw upon the authority of T’ien (Heaven) as the source of their wisdom. Authority is also established through a lineage of teachers and teachings known as Tao-t’ung, or tradition of the Way, which represents the authentic message of the sages of antiquity. For the individual, there are moral relations to those who hold positions of authority, namely, father, ruler, husband, and the elderly.

The Grand Scribe's Records. Translated by Tsai-fa Cheng et al. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1994. Carsun Chang C Calligraphy One of the Six Arts since the Chou dynasty, calligraphy as a form of aesthetics can take on religious meaning when performed in the context of Confucianism. The act of writing or copying from the Confucian classics, particularly when they are seen as the products of the sheng or sages, is in itself a religious activity of self-cultivation and learning. Thus to engage in calligraphy was to engage in a form of religious practice.

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