The Iliad for Boys and Girls by Alfred Church

By Alfred Church

Lively retelling of Homer's Iliad, pertaining to the incidents of the good siege of Troy, from the quarrel of the chiefs to the ransoming of Hector's physique. compatible for a while eight and up.

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Now King Priam sat on the wall, and with him were the other princes of the city, old men who could no longer fight, but could take counsel and make beautiful speeches. They saw the Fair Helen as she came, and one of them said to another: "See how beautiful she is! " But Priam called to her and said: "Come hither, my daughter, and see your friends and kinsmen in yonder army, and tell us about them. Who is that warrior there, so fair and strong? " And King Priam cried: "Happy Agamemnon, to rule over so many brave men as I see in yonder army!

But mark this: the girl Briseïs, who was given to you as your share of the spoil, I will take, if I have to come and fetch her myself. " Achilles was mad with anger to hear this, and said to himself, "Now I will slay this villain where he sits," and he half drew his sword from its scabbard. But at that instant the goddess Athené stood behind him and seized him by his long yellow hair. " "Nay," she answered, "I am come to stay your rage. Queen Hera and I love you both. Draw not your sword, but say what you will.

So they went out by the gate, and fell upon the Greeks and killed many of them, and Glaucus the Lycian went with them. CHAPTER X How Hector and Ajax Fought ATHENE was very sorry to see how her dear Greeks were being killed by Hector and his companions. So she flew down from the heights of Olympus to see whether she could help them. When she had come to the plains of Troy she met Apollo. Now Apollo loved the Trojans, and said to her: "Are you come, Athené, to help the Greeks whom you love? Now I, as you know, love the Trojans.

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