Returning to the Essential: Selected Writings of Jean Bies by Jean Bies

By Jean Bies

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There was also the dream about the lady in purple. “I was coming down the stairs of a great monument when I saw a beautiful woman with an enchanting smile approach me. She was wearing a purple dress—the color of crocus. She was carrying an umbrella that could have protected thirty people. The entire circumference of the umbrella, which was also purple, quivered like a foamy fringe. In a swinging stride she came up the stairs toward me, seeming to float above the ground. ” Without a doubt, the stairs resembled the ladder of dreams, just like the color of colchicum brought about a conciliation of colors; it suggested Colchide, the country of Golden Fleece that still remains to be conquered and confers the light of Knowledge.

And so it is that over the years, the pioneer of awakening of one became the teacher of all. The sad cancerous ones dying a slow death keep the memory of her hand on theirs for a long time. * * * Lande-Helene has sufficiently given up the idea of strengthening her ego, of imposing its will. qxd 7/3/2004 10:14 AM Page 22 Returning to the Essential: Selected Writings of Jean Biès with others, departs that invisible golden chain that unites her with others, and unites them all together. Her love for others has nothing to do with a philanthropical ideal or religious rules.

However, 2 Translator’s Note: Fabrice’s nickname. qxd 7/3/2004 10:14 AM Page 37 Evenings at La Fragnière something inside us adhered to this implicitly. Although we were far from living it, we sensed the greatness of her verity. Thyra said that as we became aware of our own suffering we would start to see the pain of others all around us; we would share the pain of the sick, of everyone who cries over broken dreams, of abused children and animals, and even plants who suffer in silence. We would take a personal interest in the suffering of others.

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