Nilpotence and Periodicity in Stable Homotopy Theory. by Douglas C. Ravenel

By Douglas C. Ravenel

Nilpotence and Periodicity in solid Homotopy thought describes a few significant advances made in algebraic topology lately, centering at the nilpotence and periodicity theorems, that have been conjectured by way of the writer in 1977 and proved by means of Devinatz, Hopkins, and Smith in 1985. over the past ten years a few major advances were made in homotopy idea, and this publication fills a true want for an up to date textual content on that subject.

Ravenel's first few chapters are written with a basic mathematical viewers in brain. They survey either the information that lead as much as the theorems and their purposes to homotopy thought. The ebook starts off with a few user-friendly innovations of homotopy idea which are had to nation the matter. This contains such notions as homotopy, homotopy equivalence, CW-complex, and suspension. subsequent the equipment of advanced cobordism, Morava K-theory, and formal crew legislation in attribute p are brought. The latter part of the e-book presents experts with a coherent and rigorous account of the proofs. It contains hitherto unpublished fabric at the ruin product and chromatic convergence theorems and on modular representations of the symmetric workforce.

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Ed; D; A K + tK s nef -¢} (A + t K s) . C ::: 0 for any curve C C S (A+t(~'Ed;D;)) ·D j :::OforV}. -¢} ( -¢} Therefore, in this case r = min {tj; (A + tj (~'Ed;D;)) . D = o} j is a rational number. The same argument proves the following. Lemma 1-2-12. Suppose there exists a rational number ro ::: r such that Ik(A roKs)I =/; 0 for some kEN. Then r is a rational number. 2 Surfaces Whose Canonical Bundles Are Not Nef I 29 Now we prove the general case. ). Consider the following quadratic polynomial in x and y: P(x, y) := X(Os(xA + yKs» 1 = 2(xA + yKs - Ks) .

Again, since ILl ~ IAI + kE, where A is very ample, JL =

Let <1>IILI : S -+ W' be the morphism associated to IILI, and S-! W-! W' its Stein factorization (ef Hartshorne [3J Chapter III). Then (i) ¢ is a morphism with connected fibers onto a normal projective variety W, (ii) L· C = 0 for a curve C C S iff C is in a fiber of <1>, (iii) ¢*05 = Ow, (iv) L <1>* H for some ample line bundle H on W, (v) ¢ coincides with <1>IILI for any sufficiently large lEN. = Moreover, <1> is characterized either by conditions (i) and (ii) or (iii) and (ii). PROOF. 20 in Chapter II.

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