My Weird School Daze #4: Coach Hyatt Is a Riot! by Dan Gutman

By Dan Gutman

The weirdness by no means stops! it truly is Pee Wee soccer season, and A.J.'s new trainer is loopy. She wishes the men to do push-ups within the dust. She desires them to choose up a automobile. And worst of all, she desires to positioned women at the group! you are going to by no means think in one million hundred years what occurs within the great online game.

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Hut-two! ” And we all ran into each other. It was a big mess of kids in a gigantic pile. There were arms and legs flailing around. It looked like one of those tanks full of lobsters you see in the supermarket. Unfortunately, I was the lobster on the bottom. ” I yelled. * Quarterbacks always say “Hut” before the ball is hiked. That’s because in ancient times the first primitive football players lived in huts. ” Coach Hyatt barked when the last kid climbed off me. “I think my leg might be broken,” I said.

All the guys cheered. ” Ryan said. J. tackled Andrea. ” asked Michael. If those guys weren’t my best friends, I would hate them. 41 6 Rufus the Doofus Coach Hyatt showed up at our next practice with Wyatt the Nose Picker. A big, brown, rubber thing was strapped to the roof of the Mini Cooper. ” we all asked. “Last time I told you ragamuffins about 42 the end zone dance,” the coach said. ” asked Ryan. We all got excited, because blimps are cool. “Not exactly,” Coach Hyatt said as she took the big, brown, rubber thing off the roof of her car and put it on the grass.

31 What a lame cheer. Finally, Coach Hyatt showed up in her Mini Cooper with her nose-picking son, Wyatt Hyatt. There was a guy sitting in the car with them, but he didn’t get out. Hmm, that was weird. Coach Hyatt blew her whistle. ” asked Neil. ” the coach barked. ” asked Ryan. “After you score a touchdown, you have 32 to do a dance in the end zone,” Coach Hyatt said. Then Coach Hyatt showed us her end zone dance. She shook her butt, lifted a leg over her head, hopped up and down for a while, and then put her hands in the air and waved them around like a crazy person.

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