Me and the Pumpkin Queen by Marlane Kennedy

By Marlane Kennedy

Mildred's consultant to starting to be an enormous Pumpkin 1. Get the proper seeds. nowadays, nobody grows a Pumpkin convey winner with out Howard Dill's Atlantic vast seeds. 2. persuade your dad that having a pumpkin patch on your yard is an effective concept. three. ensure that your canines remain a long way, distant out of your seedlings. four. do not allow your busybody aunt intrude together with your "pumpkin obsession," irrespective of how a lot she needs you have been drawn to boys or outfits or whatever except pumpkins. five. discover a ally who may also help out in a pinch. 6. by no means, ever, ever hand over.

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Daddy blows on his hot coffee and takes a sip. “No. ” I would have actually been happy to change the skirt, but I’m guessing Daddy’s response really isn’t about trusting Aunt Arlene’s judgment. ” I grin. “Are you afraid Aunt Arlene will stop by the second I get home from school? ” Daddy grins back at me. ” Sometimes Daddy and me joke about Aunt Arlene, but we’re being more affectionate than mean. Yes, Aunt Arlene gets on our nerves royally, 41 but she’s one of the few relatives we’ve got. She’s Daddy’s only sibling, and I have no relatives on Mama’s side.

Jacob handles Winston like he is no big deal. Jacob is only a year older than I am, but he is taller than Daddy, and Daddy is not a short man. We wind our way to the backyard. 35 I stop by the sacred place. I already prepared the brown soil in late March by turning it. It contains compost, rotted cow manure, and even some molasses to attract earthworms. Right now it kind of looks as if one of our dogs had a good time digging a huge circle, about thirty feet in diameter, in our otherwise green lawn.

Truth be told, Aunt Arlene did want to raise me right after Mama died. She and Uncle Jerald offered 24 to take me in. I was upstairs at the time, supposedly asleep, but I crept downstairs a bit and heard her telling Daddy, “I only live fifteen minutes away. ” “No,” Daddy said. “But what if you have to make an emergency call in the middle of the night to tend to some horse or cow? ” “I’ll just wake her up and take her with me. ” I quietly eased down a few more steps and peeked through the spindles.

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