Mars, Book 8 by Fuyumi Soryo

By Fuyumi Soryo

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Eventually. ” He shrugged. What can you do? “But we can always insert another one if you make it necessary. ” Stephen had a hard time catching his breath. ” “Well, that depends…Thomas. We have a long road ahead of us, you and me. All of us. But for today, right now, at this moment, we can take a shortcut. A little path through the woods. ” “That’s easy. ” Randall let his head fall into his hands. “Do it,” he said, his voice little more than a tired whisper. Until this moment, Stephen hadn’t known pain outside of the scrapes and bruises of childhood.

He scrambled for Lizzy, pulled her into his arms. And the strangers took them away. m. Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. My name is Stephen. He’d been chanting it over and over to himself for the last two days —since they’d taken him from his mom. He remembered every second of his last moments with her, every tear that ran down her face, every word, her warm touch. He was young, but he understood that it was for the best. He’d seen his dad plummet into complete madness, all anger and stink and danger.

He had a hard time sleeping, eating, and just about everything else, too. Only in the last few days had he started to get over it, little by little. Whenever a trace memory of his real name came forward in his mind, he pushed it away, not ever wanting to go through that torture again. Thomas worked just fine. It’d have to do.

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