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Whatever would they talk about in the car? 'You'd better put on your school hat,' said her grandmother, handing it to Zerelda. 'What! ' said Zerelda. ' Darrell didn't dare to say that she would certainly have to. She was quite tongue-tied. Zerelda seemed really grown¬up to her. It wasn't only her looks, and the way she did her hair—it was her self-confident manner, and her grown-up way of talking. She slid gracefully into the seat by Darell. 'Now, Zerelda, you remember you're going to an English school, to learn a few English ways,' said her grandmother, at the window of the car.

Isn't she the limit? ' Miss Potts was the house-mistress of North Tower, and, like Matron, not very good at putting up with nonsense of any sort. Most of the girls had been in her form, because she taught the bottom class. They liked her and respected her. A few girls, such as Gwendoline and Mavis, feared her, because she could be very sarcastic over airs and graces, or pretences of any sort. Darrell felt rather lost without Sally there to laugh with and talk to. She was glad to walk downstairs with Alicia.

Rivers. He felt a little annoyed. Where was this Zerelda? She ought to have been ready and waiting! He went to the back of the car and got ready a strap for the luggage. 'Zerelda! ' called her grandmother. She turned to the butler. 'Do you know where Miss Zerelda is? ' It was some minutes before Zerelda appeared. And when she did arrive Darrell couldn't think that it was Zerelda! She suddenly saw a tall, willowy person come down the stairs, with glinting hair the colour of brass, arranged in a big roll on the top of her head, with curls cascading over her shoulders.

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