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60 Delboeuf, op. My Guyau italics. (p. 41). The pp. 283-84. , why I use them when we discuss TIME 26 of time, which would give all our results the unscientific character of something variable and passing; one tries as far as possible to lay down laws, true not in all times, as is occasionally but outside of time, above change. 61 At what could Bergson take umbrage? Bergson protests against a simultaneous or successive assumption of the imsaid, pulsive effort of time, and of absolute regularity and mathematical pre-existence.

404). TIME 35 passage from one term to another [(Tun terme a Vautre] that which corresponds ous innervation. 98 How, possible. consciousness is in spirit to movement and of to spontane- The grasping of duration becomes imin effect, explain the feeling of duration if . . a line in which the diverse perceptions exist one outside the other and one after the other, like the lifeless words of a phrase, without our feeling the passage itself from one perception to another and their continuity? here let ourselves be duped by the imagination, which never conbut siders anything readymade and principally visual images; let us not be duped similarly by pure intelligence, which cannot .

But surely vital forces are, It is and, in general, one may say that "the human spirit is forced, organization and by the form of the instruments it employs, to substitute habitually for the continuity inherent by its in things an artificial discontinuity, and in consequence to mark degrees, to break up lines, to trace compartments ac- cording to ... " rules. , p. 169. 65 Matter and Memory, pp. 244 fi. Cournot, Essai, Vol. I (1851), para. 188. , Vol. I, paras. 205, 139. In the opinion of Cournot, the extended Bergson, M A.

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