Endangered Species: Protecting Biodiversity (Information by Kim Masters Evans

By Kim Masters Evans

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Htm). R. 3824 or S. 2110 had been passed by the Senate, but remained in committee. , Snake River T E T T T T T E E $32,570,600 $31,746,200 $28,203,300 $27,959,600 $27,428,300 $24,084,900 $23,405,700 $20,254,600 $17,550,200 Rank *Eϭendangered; Tϭthreatened. Note: Entity can be a species, subspecies, distinct population segment (DPS), or evolutionary significant unit (ESU). SOURCE: Adapted from “Table A. S. S. pdf (accessed February 11, 2006) IS THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT ENOUGH? Other critics argue, on the other hand, that the ESA is not enough.

G USGA is United States Department of Agriculture. b c “Table 4A. S. S. pdf (accessed February 11, 2006) SOURCE: listed species. In general, this disproportionate spending occurs because Congress and some states appropriate money for specific species. The DOI report Federal and State Endangered and Threatened Species Expenditures: Fiscal Year 2004 notes the following benefits from this practice: ‘‘State and Federal natural resource managers use the public interest in these high-profile species to help protect other species in the same habitats or imperiled by the same threats.

The largest concentration of tropical rainforests occurs in northern South America. However, they are also found in west central Africa and scattered across parts of Southeast Asia and northernmost Australia. Tropical rainforests are the world’s most biologically rich habitats and are estimated to harbor 50% to 90% of the world’s species. Biologists believe that many rainforest species have yet to be discovered and described by humans. stm). Throughout the twentieth century tropical forests were depleted by logging and clearing for farms and ranches.

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