Encyclopedia Canadiana by John E. Robbins (Editor-in-chief)

By John E. Robbins (Editor-in-chief)

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The character of the cat is an interesting mix of affection, domesticity and energetic independence. you might imagine you recognize your cat as he purrs on your lap, yet stumble upon your puppy on the street on a dismal evening and also you could imagine that Bagpuss suffers from a twin character. each pussycat puppy incorporates an inheritance of fantastic sensory capacities, vocal utterances, physique language and territorial monitors.

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This little ebook is written within the first position for college kids in technical schools taking the nationwide certificates classes in utilized Physics; it really is was hoping it's going to allure additionally to scholars of physics, and pernaps chemistry, within the 6th different types of grammar faculties and within the universltIes. For anywhere experimental paintings in physics, or in technological know-how usually, is undertakcn the measure of accuracy of the measurements, and of the res,!

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Adicion de los términos juzgados necesarios por cada participante para asegurar la compatibilidad entre sus versiones lingüisticas y el MT. • Se asigna después, por cada grupo lingiiistico: 1. El papel de los términos en su propio sistema documentai (Descriptor; N o Descriptor) 2. Las relaciones de sustitucion eventuales para los no descriptores. Estos sustitutos pueden ser simples ( U S E ) ο complejos ( U S E . . A N D . ) en funcion de lo especifico que sea el término y sus caracteristicas, si es post- ο pre-coordinado 3.

Palmai Svezia—Università di Uppsala, P. Bengtson. Legend and Preface t o Entries The M T is designed for transfer of information between documentation services; thus, the terms used may not always conform to current usage in geoscience. An effort has been made however to provide, whenever possible, more than one term to cover closely parallel concepts, for example, Borderland and Continental borderland; or Hercynian Orogeny and Variscan Orogeny. The bulk of the main entries on the left column were chosen from A G F s Glossary of Geology.

En efecto, se invirtio mucho tiempo en explicaciones sobre el significado de los términos en diversos idiomas. Era importante relacionar conceptos mejor que términos, en una ciencia en la que palabras afines pueden tener distintos significados ( F a u l t - F a l t e ) y la homonimas a veces son mas restringidas en un idioma que en otro (Schist-Schiste). <,PARA QUE U N TESAURO MULTILINGUE DE GEOLOGIA? El tratamiento de la informacion bibliogrâfica y la creacion de indices manuales ο automatizados requière el uso de métodos documentales de clasificacion y organizacion para el anâlisis bibliogrâfico.

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