Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen: Normal and Pathologic by Morton A. Meyers MD FACR FACG

By Morton A. Meyers MD FACR FACG

To First version Few books current so clean an strategy and so dynamic circulate in the peritoneal hollow space is apparent an exposition as does Dynamic &diology if the a step forward in our realizing of the unfold stomach: basic and Pathologic Anatomy. of intraabdominal illness, quite abscesses This well-documented, in actual fact written, and and malignancies. Peritoneography, the opacifica­ superbly illustrated booklet information the solutions now not tion of the most important lumen within the physique, bargains a in simple terms to "what is it?" but in addition "how?" and "why?" strength yield of significant diagnostic info. The Such basic information about the perfect definition of the 3 extraperitoneal pathogenesis of illness in the stomach rein­ areas represents a charting of formerly unex­ forces and simplifies exact radiologic research. plored territory. understanding of the renointestinal The attribute radiologic good points of intra­ and duodenocolic relationships, the unfold of pan­ stomach illnesses are proven to be simply iden­ creatitis alongside mesenteric planes, and the pathways tified, increasing the sensible program of the of extrapelvic unfold of affliction back underscores time period "pattern popularity. " It definitely is of practi­ the sensible significance of anatomic good points. The cal price in day-by-day medical adventure and should be of method of the mesenteric and antimesenteric huge aid for extra advances. borders of the small bowel and to the haustral pat­ the conventional dissectional approach to studying tern of the colon provides a brand new measurement to the anatomy disturbs the intimate relationships of interpretation of stomach radiology.

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Tracings ofthe anatomie seetions, appropriately labeled, are included to faeilitate identifieation. The clarity of the features demonstrated in the anatomie seetions readily provide correlation with the struetures now identifiable by cornputed tomography. Whereas the peripheral portion of the dia phragm consists of muscle fibers, the eentral portion is tendinous. Fig, 1-1. W. E. " Both images are present in the drawing. The viewer first sees either an old woman or a young lady. The old woman's prominent nose in profile is the young wornan's chin.

Chieago, Vol. IV, No . 2, pp. 1-37, March-April 1974 19. Meyers MA, WhalenJP, Peele K, et al: Radiologie features of extraperitoneal effusions: An anatomie approach. Radiology 104: 249-257, 1972 20 . Michels NA: Newer anatomy of the liver and its variant blood supply and eollateral eireulation. AmJ Surg 112 : 337-347, 1966 21. Varley PF, Rohrmann CAJr, Silvis SE, et al: The normal endoseopie panereatogram. Radiology 118: 295-300, 1976 22. WhalenJP, Berne AS, Riemenschneider PA: The extraperitoneal periviseeral fat pad.

The central perirenal space contains abundant fat and permits visualization of the kidneys and, occasionally, the adrenal glands. The most dorsal extraperitoneal compartment, the posterior pararenal space. " The lateral borders of the psoas museles are normally seen because of extraperitoneal fat, but different portions of it contribute to visualization of specific segments. 16 •19 In its upper portion at the level of the kidneys, the psoas museles are seen because of the contrast provided by perirenal fat.

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