Dreams of Calculus Perspectives on Mathematics Education by Johan Hoffman, Claes Johnson, Anders Logg

By Johan Hoffman, Claes Johnson, Anders Logg

What's the dating among sleek arithmetic - extra accurately computational arithmetic - and mathematical schooling? it's this controversal subject that the authors handle with an in-depth research. in truth, what they found in an exceptionally well-reasoned account of the improvement of arithmetic and its tradition giving concrete suggestion for a much-needed reform of the educating of arithmetic. The publication is key studying for everyone keen on arithmetic and technological know-how, and arithmetic instructing.

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Reprinted from Body&Soul Vol I. A very short summary goes as follows: The leader of the formalist school was the mathematician Hilbert (who formulated the famous 23 Problems at the World Mathematics Congress in Paris in 1900). His hope was to give a rigorous basis to mathematics based on “finitary” principles. The hope of Hilbert was refuted first by G¨odel, who showed that there are mathematical truths, which can not be proved “finitary”, and second by Turing (the inventor of the principle of the computer), who proved that there are numbers which are uncomputable by “finitary” methods.

So shifts of paradigms in science do occur, and obviously are of crucial importance in the evolution of science. They correspond to key steps in the evolution of life on Earth, like the revolutionary new concept of the first mammals developed during the time of the Dinosaurs 65 millions years ago, which quickly took over the scene (with some help from volcanos or meteors supposedly ending the era of the Dinosaurs). 3 Shift of Paradigm in Mathematics? Today, we may witness such a shift of paradigm from mathematics without computer to mathematics with computer, although according to Kuhn it could be expected to be “invisible” to many actors.

10 The World of Digital Image, Word and Sound The modern computer and internet now offer us a flood of information, science or entertainment in digital form. Through Data Mining we can search massive Data Bases for information. By Data Compression of images, words and sound we can store and transmit huge Data Bases. This whole new world of our information society is based on mathematical algorithms for compressing and searching data. 11 Languages Mathematics is a language. There are many different languages.

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