Don't Pick On Me. Help for Kids to Stand Up to and Deal with by Susan Eikov Green

By Susan Eikov Green

Bullying is an ever-present truth that each one teenagers adventure sooner or later of their lives, and infrequently it has results that unfold a ways past formative years. Left unaddressed, over the top teasing and bullying can harm a kid's vainness and give a contribution to emotions of melancholy and anxiety.

Now that bullying has moved from face-to-face encounters to the area of the net, it truly is extra very important than ever to arm youngsters with talents that may support defend them from the bullies they're guaranteed to come upon. The actions during this publication may also help your kids research powerful options to exploit while confronted with teasing, name-calling, cyber-bullying, gossiping, and different kinds of bullying and harassment.

Don't decide On Me is full of ten-minute actions and routines you and your baby can do jointly to benefit how you can successfully and properly withstand a bully. those talents will construct self-confidence and self-esteem--assets that may serve your baby good during the teenage years and into adulthood.

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So when a bully comes for you, walk away if you can. That’s especially true if the situation is dangerous. Sometimes your body tells you when you are in danger. Your heart might start to beat very fast and you might get very jittery. These are signals your body sends to let you know that something bad might happen. If you get those signals, you should listen to them. If you come up against a bully and feel you are in danger, get away as fast as you can. Don’t stay in a place where you could get hurt.

Need one more reason? There’s a good chance you’ll get in trouble. Not bullying back doesn’t mean you have to put up with a bully. It just means that you shouldn’t do to the bully whatever the bully has done to you. Instead, when someone starts picking on you, find a healthy way to cool down. 24 Don’t Pick on Me Don’t Bully Back Activity 7 For You to Do What do you think might happen to Lara if she keeps fighting with Britney? What do you think Lara could do to cool down? How do you think that would help?

That will make it more fun. Here’s your script: Bully: Hey, twinkletoes, I hear you’re taking dancing lessons. You: Please don’t call me that. Bully: You eat the most disgusting things for lunch. You: That’s not very nice. Please don’t say it again. Bully: You are such a dummy. You can’t do anything right. You: I don’t like it when you talk to me that way. Bully: You mind if I just take a peek at your homework and maybe copy one or two things? You: Yes, I mind. Please leave me alone. Help for Kids to Stand Up to and Deal with Bullies 35 Activity Activity 11 There’s There’s Safety in Numbers Safety in Numbers For You to Know Bullies usually like to pick on kids who are alone.

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