Disney Princess - A Friend Like You

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Please and Thank You

Those colourful books use pleasant photographs and rhyming textual content to inspire young ones to strengthen stable habit styles. As an further incentive, each one name comes with a sheet of megastar stickers and a different present chart. whenever childrens meet one of many targets, a celebrity is going at the chart! especially designed for fogeys and preschoolers to take pleasure in jointly, this can be the appropriate publication for educating young children solid manners.

The Magic Fish

A grasping fisherman's spouse is granted each want yet cannot locate happiness.

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A red ribbon was tied about his middle to indicate his status. Unlike the men who had been in the heart of the battle, General Pompeius and his officers were untouched by blood and grime, and some of the younger, fussier officers curled their lips distastefully as they struggled over the dead. ’ Titus stiffened to attention and bowed his head as his commander approached. ‘What a bloody business,’ General Pompeius observed as he gestured at the battlefield. ’ Pompeius pursed his lips briefly and frowned.

He leaned his head back and groaned as the rain splashed down on his face and straggly beard. As Marcus and Titus reached him and knelt at his side, his eyes flickered open. He raised a hand and grasped Titus’s sleeve. ’ He coughed, and frothy blood hung from his lips. He groaned again as he dropped Titus’s sleeve and shuddered. Looking up, through the gate, Marcus stared along the track, now running with tiny rivulets. He saw movement under the olive trees. With a blinding flash of white, another bolt of lightning lit up the sky and there, frozen like statues, he saw several men armed with spears and swords – one had a bow, which he was holding up, ready to loose an arrow towards the house.

Titus cried out, instinctively slackening his grip. Thermon seized the advantage and with a ringing blow knocked the sword from Titus’s hand. Marcus felt an icy fist of terror clench round his heart. Snatching a deep breath, he charged out from the entrance and jumped on to Thermon’s back, wrapping his thin arms around the man’s throat. ’ Thermon snarled. Marcus held on as tight as he could – terrified but determined not to let go. He heard an excited bark, then Cerberus sprang forward, sinking his teeth into Thermon’s sword arm.

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