Diseases of Man Acquired from his Pets by B. Bisseru

By B. Bisseru

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Tropica in inconspicuous areas of the body that are hidden by clothing. AMERICAN CUTANEOUS AND MUCO-CUTANEOUS LEISHMANIASIS Four types of infection are usually recognized: the classical espundia (L. braziliensis); the Mexican and Guatemalan type or 'Bay Sore' (L. mexicana); 'Uta' or dry type (L. peruvana) found in Peru and without involvement of mucous membranes and the Panamanian form of cutaneous leishmaniasis which closely resembles the Old World type of Oriental sore and probably extends beyond Panama to Costa Rica in the north to Colombia, Venezuela and Guianas in the south— the parasite may be called L.

LEP Flury strain vaccine should not be used in cats. e. 1-5 ml. of 33 per cent tissue suspension of HEP vaccine or 3 ml. of 20 per cent nervous tissue suspension of inactivated vaccine. Cattle can also be protected by vaccination. Immunized animals must be quarantined for 6 months before entry into the country and no distinction is made between those which have been vaccinated and those which have not. In June 1965, suspicion of having rabies fell on a dog coming from Nairobi, Kenya, after A\ months in quarantine at Folkestone, England.

T. mentagrophytes has been recorded from a kangaroo and has been found in a porcupine in South Africa. In Britain, T. mentagrophytes grows as a saprophyte on the hair of mice and wild rabbits. The incidence of infection in laboratory and pet mice is increasing. Dogs and cats possibly acquire the fungus from other animals or from the soil. T. mentagrophytes usually causes more severe lesions which are erythematous, scurfy and inflammatory in nature. Symptomless non-inflammatory patches of ringworm may be found anywhere on the extremities and trunk, but patches of pustular ringworm are sometimes associated with a follicular rash.

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