Dinosaurs by L.B. Halstead; Jenny Halstead

By L.B. Halstead; Jenny Halstead

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The orbits are particularly large and the skulls are generally long and slender. The shin bone, or tibia, is always much longer than the femur and the foot bones, or metatarsals, are also much elongated. Although the forelimbs are shorter than the hind limbs they are nevertheless long and slender with particularly long clawed fingers. There are two families of coelurosaur - the primitive procompsognathids and the more advanced coelurids. From the coelurosaur stock there evolved two further groups of highly specialised lightly built carnivorous dinosaurs which used to be classified within the coelurosaurs.

One further piece of evidence regarding the mode of life of Deinonychus was the discovery of the remains of about five individuals with a large herbivore weighing about six times as much as a single Deinonychus. It may well be that Deinonychus hunted in packs just as some of the large cats do today and were thus able to tackle prey very much larger than themselves. Deinonychus comes from the Cloverly Formation from the Late Aptian or early Albian of the Lower Cretaceous of south central Montana.

There is direct evidence that the horns of Triceratops were used in such trials of strength between members of the same species, because some bony frills showed healed wounds that could only have been made by the horns of other individuals. The evidence of the variety of display structures on the skulls of the hadrosaurs, the bone-heads and the ceratopsians, together with the nesting sites of both ceratopsians and hadrosaurs suggest that these most advanced of the plant-eating dinosaurs had evolved complex and relatively sophisticated social structures and behavioural its 29 REPTILIAN PELVIC GIRDLES ILIUM Primitive Archosaur ACETABULUM PUBIS ISCHIUM SAURISCHIA Theropod ISCH PUB ISCH ORNITHISCHIA PREPUBIS ISCH ISCH Primitive Advanced Ornithopod Ornithopod PREPUBIS ISCH ISCH Ceratopsian Dinosaur pelvic girdles.

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