Cursed: Demon Kissed #2 (Volume 2) by H.M. Ward

By H.M. Ward

Ivy's on her approach to kick ass and shop Collin from the horrors of the Underworld. alongside the way in which she discovers that the reality will not set her unfastened. Deep-seated deception leads Ivy in the direction of her future. yet, being queen of the demons isn't the future she desires. Ivy must triumph over lust, strength, love, and an historic prophecy if she desires to survive.

#1. Demon Kissed 
#2. Cursed 
#3. Torn 
#4. Satan's Stone 
#5. The thirteenth Prophecy

VALEFAR VOLUMES (Demon Kissed Novellas) 
#1. Valefar Vol. 1 
#2. Valefar Vol. 2 

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Very bad. ” She shook her head. ” All the other Martis were question marks. They would protect themselves, but Al seemed to be carving a different path. She was sticking her neck out for me. Her wrinkled lips pulled back into a smile. “I ain’t stupid enough to throw out a pie just because it didn’t look like the others. ” She winked at me and laughed. ” “Right back at ya babe,” I laughed. And we jumped straight into more Seyer lessons, trying to refine my skills while we still could. CHAPTER FIVE “No, you have to do it like you’re sleeping.

I sighed and leaned back into the cushions. Why was I so shocked? Martis protected humanity and their own kind. I was neither. “It doesn’t matter how they could think that. The problem is that they do. The Tribunal is the embodiment of Martis law. They are the strongest branch of the Martis. They meet rarely, but when they do,” her voice softened, “well, let’s just say they deliver justice swiftly. That’s why I came. They didn’t ask for my testimony, but I’m giving it. And I think it would be worth pushing your visions a little to see if you can control them.

Light and dark ain’t supposed to mix. They’re like broccoli and chocolate—just nasty when you put them together—but that appears to be what’s happening with you. ” It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but her words made sense. I was neither fully Martis or Valefar, so why would my powers be that way? That was why the Valefar wanted to capture me and the Martis were afraid of me. I had powers that they’ve never seen before. That was true for all of us, because I had no idea what I was capable of. Looking at Al, I wondered why she wasn’t afraid of me like the rest of them.

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