Cosmic Secrets: Basic Features of Reality by Wolfram Schommers

By Wolfram Schommers

We see gadgets in entrance people, and event a true fabric impact once we method and contact them. hence, we finish that every one gadgets are embedded in house and exist objectively. notwithstanding, such stories in lifestyle can't be transferred to the atomic point: inside regular quantum concept, the fabric global remains to be embedded in house, however it now not has an goal lifestyles. How can gadgets be embedded in house with out latest objectively?

This booklet addresses this and comparable concerns in an illustrative and non-conventional approach. utilizing updated details, the subsequent simple questions are meditated: what's a particle, a quantum item? What do we say concerning the nature of time? How is truth, particularly the cosmos, shaped? what's the effect of evolution at the discovery of recent advancements during this box? just like the philosophers Whitehead and Bergson, the primacy of strategy is encouraged: we event items - either quantum items and people we adventure in lifestyle - at definite positions in house, yet every thing is an issue of approach and the life of static items in area is hence eradicated.

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Do the impressions that we have directly in front us actually reflect a certain kind of reality at all or is it “only” a symbolic picture of it? , it may not be “basic realty” (see the remarks above in connection with the equations of motion), but it is a certain kind of reality, namely that which is given by material objects, which are embedded in space and time. However, we will recognize below that this should not be the case. It will turn out that it is more realistic to assume that our direct optical impressions are “pictures of reality” but not reality itself, that is, that the objects in space and time are geometrical figures and are not material objects.

Scientific progress can only be measured in connection with the so-called pragmatic level; this point will be outlined in more detail below. 2) There is a fundamental change in perspective The assumption of a successive approximation cannot be maintained in view of the history of science because the analysis of theories succeeding each other in time shows that the later theory is generally not only supplemented and refined, respectively, but reformulated on the basis of new first principles. A basic change in perspective takes place.

Persons, cars, aeroplanes, the sun, moon and stars are “pictures of reality” in our brain; we have only the impression that all these things are located outside us (see also Fig. 2). This conclusion is supported in [14]: “We have devices in the cerebral cortex which — comparable with a television screen — produce “pictures” in our awareness from the nerveexcitations coming from the retina. It is characteristic for the sight-process that our awareness does not register the picture of a candle on the retina inside the eye, but we have the impression that we are standing opposite the candle-light which is located in the space outside, not standing on its head but upright.

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