Contrast Media in Ultrasonography: Basic Principles and by Emilio Quaia

By Emilio Quaia

Examines intimately the various scientific purposes of microbubble-based distinction brokers. Explains the foundations underlying using contrast-specific imaging options and the exam method. includes a variety of top of the range illustrations, together with many in colour. Written by way of famous specialists.

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3) ∞ ⎡ ⎛ ∂u ∂u ⎞ ∂p ∂TL ,rr 2TL ,rr − TL ,θθ − TL ,φφ ⎤ + ∫ ⎢ ρL ⎜ + u ⎟ + − − ⎥dr = 0 t r ∂ ∂r ⎠ ∂r ∂r ⎝ ⎦ R2 ⎣ The density, elasticity and viscosity of the filling gas will be considerably smaller than those of the solid shell or surrounding fluid, particularly at the low insonation pressures which are of most interest in this discussion. The first integral may therefore be neglected. e. the presence of boundaries such blood vessel walls and other coated microbubbles is ignored, there is no need to modify the third integral.

Firstly, there are those which, within limits, can be controlled, such as the shell, the gas and the sound field. Secondly, there are those, such as the surrounding fluid, which cannot be controlled but whose influence upon coated microbubble behaviour must be considered since it may affect the design requirements. ing linearly at low amplitudes of oscillation, this may not be the case in general. e. having negligible thickness, than as solid shells. Considering firstly non-linear viscoelastic behaviour: it cannot be assumed in this case that the trace of the stress tensor T in Eq.

Ultrasonics 1:7-13 Merritt CR, Forsberg F, Shi WT et al (2000) The mechanical index: an inappropriate and misleading indicator for desctruction of ultrasound microbubble contrast agents. Radiology 217:395 Meuwl JY, Correas JM, Bleuzen A, Tranquart F (2003) Detection modes of ultrasound contrast agents. J Radiol 84:2013-2024 Morel DR, Schwieger I, Hohn L et al (2000) Human pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation of SonoVue™, a new contrast agent for ultrasound imaging. Invest Radiol 35:80-85 Powers JE, Burns PN, Souquet J (1997) Imaging instrumentation for ultrasound contrast agents.

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