Computational Medicinal Chemistry for Drug Discovery by Patrick Bultinck, Hans De Winter, Wilfried Langenaeker, Jan

By Patrick Bultinck, Hans De Winter, Wilfried Langenaeker, Jan P. Tollenare

Provides semi-empirical, hybrid, and quantum chemical equipment and explores reactivity, molecular, and quantum-chemical descriptors in QSAR. perspectives pharmacophore discovery and using 3D pharmacophore types in 3D database looking out. reports vibrational round dichroism spectroscopy for the sterochemical characterization of chiral molecules.

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Thus, in principle, NDDO-based methods should give an improved description of long-range intra- and intermolecular Copyright © 2004 Taylor & Francis Group LLC 42 Bredow forces as they become important in large biomolecules. The NDDO Fock matrix becomes ! XX A X A B X B X 1 NDDO CNDO Fll ¼ Hll þ Pqk ðll j qkÞÀ ðlq j lkÞ þ Psr ðll j srÞ 2 q r B pA s k ! XX A X A B X B X 1 NDDO NDDO Flm ¼ Hlm þ Pqk ðlm j qkÞ À ðlq j mkÞ þ Psr ðlm j srÞ 2 q r B pA s k NDDO CNDO ¼ Hlr À 12 Flr A X B X m Pms ðlm j rsÞ ðl; m; q; at atom A; s; r at atom BÞ s ð48Þ with HNDDO including the additional interactions (l|VB|m).

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