Complete Guide to Handloading by Philip Sharpe

By Philip Sharpe

Large if dated details and representation on reloading, ballistics and different technical facts. nonetheless appropriate and likewise a enjoyable e-book to seem via if you're keen on firearms or you've ever messed with handloading / reloading earlier than.

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2, “Syntax,” some tokens produce literal objects and some produce executable ones. • Integer, real, and string constants are always literal objects. • Names are literal if they are preceded by / and executable if they are not. • The [ and ] operators, when executed, produce a literal array object with the enclosed objects as elements. Likewise, << and >> (LanguageLevel 2) produce a literal dictionary object. • { and } enclose an executable array or procedure. Note: As mentioned above, it does not matter whether an object is literal or executable when it is accessed as data, only when it is executed.

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