Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control: A Global by Roger Webber

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GIS is at the forefront of monitoring changes that are resulting from global climatic change. 2004 6:50am page 21 2 Communicable Disease Theory The previous chapter attempted to unify communicable diseases into basic units, the agent, a route of transmission to a host and the way the environment influences the outcome. Generalizations have been made in attempting to limit and clarify all the alternatives and variations that are possible. Developing principles, not discovering exceptions, has been the objective.

2 of a measles epidemic, which occurred regularly every 3 years in a well-defined community. These regular epidemics can be analysed in the same way as a propagated source epidemic, from which it has been shown that the smaller the community, the longer is the interval between epidemics. 2004 6:51am 28 Chapter 2 An extension of the concept of herd immunity shows that not everyone in a population needs to be vaccinated to prevent an epidemic. On the same principle as calculating the critical population, the critical rate of vaccination coverage can also be worked out.

The effects of these antibodies wear off after 6 weeks to 6 months so that the baby starts making its own from natural or artificial infections that it acquires. Artificial infection is given by vaccination, or rather the objective is to administer the antigenic substances produced by the disease organisms in a vaccine without the host developing the disease. Vaccine can be given, but immunity does not always result due to poor administration, the vaccine no longer being potent, or the host not developing an immune response.

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