Comets, Popular Culture, and the Birth of Modern Cosmology by Sara Schechner

By Sara Schechner

In a full of life research into the limits among pop culture and early-modern technology, Sara Schechner provides a case learn that demanding situations the view that rationalism was once at odds with renowned trust within the improvement of clinical theories. Schechner Genuth delineates the evolution of people's knowing of comets, exhibiting that until eventually the 17th century, all participants of society dreaded comets as heaven-sent portents of plague, flood, civil affliction, and different calamities. even though those ideals grew to become spurned as "vulgar superstitions" by way of the elite prior to the tip of the century, she indicates that they have been still absorbed into the technological know-how of Newton and Halley, contributing to their theories in sophisticated but profound ways.

Schechner weaves jointly many strands of notion: perspectives of comets as indicators and factors of social and actual adjustments; vigilance towards monsters and prodigies as signs of God's will; Christian eschatology; clinical interpretations of Scripture; astrological prognostication and political propaganda; and celestial mechanics and astrophysics. This exploration of the interaction among low and high ideals approximately nature ends up in the belief that renowned and long-held perspectives of comets as divine symptoms weren't overturned via astronomical discoveries. certainly, they turned a part of the root on which glossy cosmology used to be built.

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