Cinnabar and the Island of Shadows (The Fairy Chronicles) by J.H Sweet

By J.H Sweet

Within you is the facility to do anythingWhen seven infants are born with no shadows, the fairies worry that humankind may be wasting its closest companions!Cinnabar and her neighbors need to trip by way of elf magic to arrive the mysterious and mystery Island of Shadows to attempt and find the misplaced shadows. yet, as though that isn't challenging sufficient, Madam Toad fears the shadows aren't simply lost, yet stolen! thankfully, the King and Queen of the Shadowmakers-and even their Griffin-are able to support struggle no matter what is responsible.But the fairies should paintings speedy. with out the mystical safeguard of shadows, all of mankind will quickly be defenseless.What for those who came across you had magical fairy powers? Meet the women of The Fairy Chronicles, differently basic women such as you with certain presents. Their outstanding adventures will switch the realm!

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Fewer assaults on human beings occur during daylight when our shadows are fully awake. qxd 12/14/07 4:40 PM Page 27 from their daily vigil of protecting us. Finally, our shadow acts as a guide into the hereafter when we die. We cannot make the journey into the beyond without our shadow. It must accompany us. Only the shadow knows the way. ” The fairies all looked around at one another. None of the younger fairies had known of the reasons for their shadows. Those on the outer edge of the group, who were partially in the sunlight, were looking admiringly at their shadows and marveling at them.

There are children in Panama, the Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, the United States, and two in Mexico who are without shadows. qxd 12/14/07 4:40 PM Page 30 “At this time,” added Madam Toad, “the children are safe. The parents, and other family members, are with the newborns most of the time so they are not lonely or unprotected. And it will be awhile before anyone notices the missing shadows, since tiny babies are not often out in the full sun, and they are not yet crawling or walking to make the absence of a visible shadow obvious.

For starters, human shadows are much more complex. And they are the only shadows that are magically constructed. ” This was indeed new information for most of the young fairies, and they all listened attentively as Madam Toad went on. “The purpose of our shadow is threefold. First, our shadow keeps us company when we are alone, so that we will not be too lonely or frightened. Second, it acts as a protector. Our shadow can help as a defense against attack. Fewer assaults on human beings occur during daylight when our shadows are fully awake.

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