Chelonia Green: Champion of Turtles by Christobel Mattingley

By Christobel Mattingley

Chellie loves the large eco-friendly turtles of their mystery pool at the island the place she lives. Every day, while the tide is true, she is going to be together with her turtle family members, and whilst she learns their clinical identify, Chelonia, she comes to a decision to name herself Chelonia eco-friendly. at some point she is devastated to discover Caretta, the one loggerhead turtle within the pool, choked to dying on discarded fishing line. Chellie comes to a decision to do so and starts cleansing up all of the flotsam and jetsam alongside the island’s shorelines; she even starts a crusade to cajole fishermen to not throw their rubbish into the ocean. Her efforts support assemble her island group, and convey a few awesome effects!

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Chellie smiled at her new friends. ‘I come here most days to watch them, when the tide’s right.

But the fishermen and cruising yacht clubs did not acknowledge her plea, let alone say they would publish it. Nothing came from them at all. Before it was time to turn the page on the new calendar, the school term started. ‘Tell me about what you did in the holidays,’ Chellie’s teacher asked. She always wanted to know that. So Chellie emailed her story about Caretta and her letter to the fishermen and boaties. She also wrote an update about all the garbage she had collected and how much remained to be cleared.

Our island has eight beaches where turtles nest. This week, one of the mother turtles died because she was choked by fishing line. She was a loggerhead and loggerheads are an ENDANGERED species. The problem is that they feed on jellyfish, and often mistake fishing line and plastic bags and bottles for food. But of course these things KILL them. indd 44 20/12/07 11:27:59 AM So PLEASE PLEASE be careful not to throw such things off your boats into the sea. I’ve read that even whales die from swallowing plastic, and we don’t want to lose any more whales, do we?

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