Centurion by David Eshel

By David Eshel

Very good evaluate of all issues Centurion. nice pictures and a very good color part with operational heritage is various theatres inc IDF, Vietnam, Pakistan and so on. a major number of versions are lined and 1/35 modellers will locate the e-book a boon while development the most recent AFV membership kits.

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Most operations were of company size with a troop of tanks under com­ mand. Armoured operations were' also undertaken. These included up to two tank troops, a cavalry troop of armoured personnel carriers and a company of either Australian or Vietnamese infantry. Their aim was to continually harass the enemy by denying him safe areas and to interdict his supply routes and de­ stroy his bases. The tanks were especially effective in knocking out bunker systems, either with direct fire or by crushing them beneath their tracks.

A locall y developed automatic device controlled gun elevation . l-iowever, the larger dimensions of the new engine and th e add­ ed airflow channels mad e this an acute problem. To 44 overcome it the team devised specially-shaped mould­ ed fuel tanks which fitted snugly into every available corner of the engine compartment. In all, the deVelopment programme took 40 ,000 working hours over some three years. Invaluable ex­ perience, eventually leading to the development of the Merkava battle tank in 1976, was gained in th e process.

For more information on Israeli armour, read: "Born in Battle" 1\0. 4, available now. 62mm 1475 732 Hesh Continental V12 Continental Mi ch Diesel oil Air Mechani cal 750 68 nil nil nil nil The newest addition to the IDF: the Merkava main battle tank. Developed by Gen. Israel Tal, this all-Israeli tank's characteristics are based on IDF Armoured Corps experience. The main engine, mounted up front, adds further pro­ tection for the crew. Main armament is still the veteran 105mm. tank gun; many other features, however, make it an interesting new arrival on the tank development scene.

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