Kendermore : Preludes, Volume Two (Preludes) by Mary Kirchoff

By Mary Kirchoff

Earlier than the struggle of the Lance, carefree kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot is having fun with the corporate of his acquaintances on the lodge of the final domestic while a bounty hunter arrives and fees him with desertion for violating the kender legislation of prearranged marriage. yet Tasslehoff’s meant has pulled a disappearing act of her personal. The race is directly to see who will get dragged to the altar first in a story of experience replete with magic, monsters, and mayhem.

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Beowulf by Heather O'Donoghue, Kevin Crossley-Holland

By Heather O'Donoghue, Kevin Crossley-Holland

The best literary paintings handed right down to us from Anglo-Saxon occasions, Beowulf celebrates the life of heroism in a depressing international of feuds, violence, and uncertainty. Set within the mythical Scandinavian previous, Beowulf involves the help of the Danish king Hrothgar by way of killing the terrifying monster Grendel and its vengeful mom. an entire life later, Beowulf courageously prepares for one more nice conflict whilst a fiery dragon threatens his personal state. This acclaimed translation incorporates a severe advent, a whole index of names, and large notes.

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Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owens

By Robin D. Owens

With their magic barriers falling and bad monsters invading, the Marshalls of Lladrana needs to stick to historic culture and Summon a savior from the Exotique land. . .

For Alexa Fitzwalter, the Marshall's name pulled the savvy legal professional right into a realm the place she slightly understood the language, not to mention the intricacies of politics and tool. Armed in simple terms along with her wits, a magical spouse and the aid of the chevalier Bastien, Alexa needs to use her very human brain and talents to struggle the encroaching evil-and face up to manipulation via the Marshall's to strength her to stick in Lladrana.

Now torn among her affinity for this realm and Earth, will she go back domestic if given the opportunity? Or dare she probability every little thing for a land now not her own?

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Virgil Recomposed: The Mythological and Secular Centos in by Scott McGill

By Scott McGill

The Virgilian centos expect the avant-garde and break similar to a staid, sober, and based classical international. This ebook examines the twelve mythological and secular Virgilian centos that continue to exist from antiquity. The centos, within which authors take non-consecutive strains or segments of traces from the Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid and reconnect them to provide new poems, have got constrained recognition. No different book-length learn exists of all of the centos, which date from ca. two hundred to ca. 530.

The centos are literary video games, they usually have a playful surprise worth that feels very glossy. but the texts additionally call for to be taken heavily for what they divulge approximately past due old literary tradition, Virgil's reception, and several other vital issues in Latin literature and literary experiences usually. As appreciably intertextual works, the centos are relatively helpful websites for pursuing inquiry into allusion. Scrutinizing the peculiarities of the texts' allusive engagements with Virgil calls for rationalization of the jobs of the writer and the reader in allusion, the standards for choosing what constitutes an allusion, and the various capabilities allusion could have. through investigating the centos from those various views and asking what they show a couple of wide selection of weighty topics, this e-book comes into discussion with significant issues and stories in Latin literature.

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The Borderlands of Power: The Rys Chronicles Book IV by Tracy Falbe

By Tracy Falbe

Nufal is invaded and human warriors struggle along their rys and tabre champions in a grueling conflict of muscle and magic. Grim struggles ruin procedure into chaos, and loyalties degenerate into determined offerings for survival. Tempet and Alloi, pushed by way of their wish for revenge upon the rys, push King Shan deep into the violent reservoir of his strength. nonetheless reeling within the aftermath of conflict, Dreibrand Veta scrambles to claim his authority upon the remainder forces of the Atrophane Empire if he's to guard his land and overturn the censure that disgraces his identify. uprising at the imperial frontier complicates those ambitions as does Shan's unexpected unpredictability as an best friend. Miranda braves the snows of the Rysamand Mountains to call for that Shan pay his debt to her by way of assisting Dreibrand. basically ambition retains melancholy at bay as forces vie for dominance within the borderlands of energy.

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Die Verfasserschaft des Waltharius-Epos aus sprachlicher by Alf Önnerfors

By Alf Önnerfors

1 M. FREHER, Herausgeber verschiedener altdeutscher Denkmaler, stellte in seinen "Origines Palatinae" (1612) II, Kap. XIII, sixty two eine Ausgabe des "Waltharius" in Aussicht, die jedoch wegen des bald dar auf (1614) erfolgten Todes FREHERS nicht zustandekam. Der Erstherausgeber, FR. CHR. J. FISCHER, brachte den textual content nach der unvollstandigen Hand schrift Cod. Theo!. et Philos. eight Nr. forty-one der Landesbibliothek Stuttgart (13. Jh.), = S in der variation STRECKERS, heraus, die schon Joh. Aventinus (gest. 1534) gesehen hatte; ALTHOF I, 35 u. forty two; STRECKER, MGH-Ed. 7. Erste kritische version: J. GRIMM und A. SCHMELLER, Lateinische Gedichte des 10. und eleven. Jahrhunderts, Gottingen 1838; textual content und Varianten S. 3-53, Abhandlung S. 54-126. 2 DRONKE opponiert nicht ohne Grund in diesem Punkt gegen die Communis opinio (69f.); vgl. schon VON DEN STEINEN forty five. Wie ich S. forty six ausfiihre, laBt sich jedoch die An rede Jratres sehr wohl mit meiner Theorie der Urheberschaft des Epos vereinen. three Sie wurden von E. R. CURTIUS, Europaische Literatur und Lateinisches Mittelalter, five. Auf!. Bern/Miinchen 1965, in seinen Ausfiihrungen iiber Bescheidenheits-Topoi (93ff.) iibersehen. four M. WEHRLI, Waltharius. In: Formen mittelalterlicher Erzahlung, Ziirich/Freiburg i. Br. 1969,102f. five Die Gallus-Vita wurde nach d. J. 837 verfaBt. G. BAESECKE, Vor- und Friihgeschidtte des deutschen Sdtrifttums I, Halle 1940, 418 verwies auf die Einleitungen zur "Visio Wettini" und zur Gallus-Vita. G WATTENBACH-LEVISON-LoWE I, 110f. mit ausfiihrlidten Literaturhinweisen. 7 Vgl. G. REICHENKRON, Historische !atein-altromanisdte Grammatik, I, Wiesbaden 1965, 134.

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Interactions of Thought and Language in Old English Poetry by Peter Clemoes

By Peter Clemoes

Peter Clemoes brings a lifetime's shut learn of Anglo-Saxon texts to this clean appreciation of outdated English poetry, with a notably new interpretation that relates the poetry to the total Anglo-Saxon frame of mind, and to the constructions of its society. He proposes a dynamic precept of previous English poetry, very varied from the typical suggestion of formulation slotted into poems for stylistic version. conscientiously concept out and skillfully written, this publication can also be obtainable to scholars: its quite a few quotations are followed through glossy English translations.

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