Business Words: Essential Business English Vocabulary by D. Howard

By D. Howard

Справочное и практическое пособие с охватом более one thousand ключевых слов и выражений, используемых в международном бизнесе сегодня. 36 частей рассматривают лексику наиболее употребительных деловых ситуаций. Содержит ключи к упражнениям.

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7. My brother (_) (ice-skate) when he (_) (break) his arm. 8. I (_) (watch) TV when the power (_) (go) out. B. Complete these sentences with interesting information about yourself. Use the simple past or the past continuous. 1. During my childhood, (_) 2. I met my best friend while (_) 3. When I was going to elementary school, (_) 4. Two years ago, (_) 5. Last year, (_) C. Pair work. Take turns reading your sentences from part B. Then ask and answer follow-up questions. A: During my childhood, my family was living in Chile.

6. LISTENING A. Listen to some information about unusual Check True or False for each statement. Marriage customs. 1. When two women of a tribe in Paraguay to marry the same man, they put on boxing gloves and fight it out. (True or False) 2. When a man and a woman get married in Malaysia, they eat cooked rice the day before the wedding. (True or False) 3. In Italy, before a man and a woman get married, a friend or relative releases two white doves into the air. (True or False) 4. In some parts of India, when a man and a woman get married, water is poured over them.

Natasha: So what do you do on Halloween? We don't have that holiday in Russia. Leo: Well, it's a day when kids dress up in masks and costumes. " Natasha: Hmm. Sounds interesting. Leo: But it's not just for kids. Lots of people have costume parties. Hey. my friend Pete is having a party, Would you like to go? Natasha: Sure. I'd love to. B. Listen to the rest of the conversation. What are Leo and Natasha going to wear to the Halloween party? 4. GRAMMAR FOCUS: Relative clauses of time Halloween is a day when kids in the United States dress up in masks and costumes.

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