Buddha by Jon Ortner

By Jon Ortner

Для сайта:Мир книгДвадцать пять веков глубокое учение Будды направляло на путь просвещения свыше полутора миллиардов жизней, а также вдохновило на создание самых красивых и великолепных художественных произведений из когда-либо созданных человечеством.Джон Ортнер сфотографировал более one hundred fifty из нихIn the twenty-five centuries because the Buddhas demise, his profound teachings and course have guided and enlightened over one and part billion lives. The Buddha additionally has encouraged probably the most attractive and sumptuous inventive creations ever produced via humanity. Jon Ortners images of over a hundred and fifty of the intense artistic endeavors grace this quantity. From the buddha carved from a unmarried piece of jade to the biggest reclining buddha, the Buddhas knowledge, compassion, and serenity are without end current.

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