British military uniforms 1768-1796: The dress of the by Hew Strachan

By Hew Strachan

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J. Icks, The Fighting Tanks from 1916 to 1933 (National Service Press: 1933) Jurkiewicz, Bruno, Les chars français au combat 1917–1918 (ECPAD/Ysec: 2008) Kolomiets, Maksim and Semyon Fiedosiyev, Renault FT (Wyd. , L’artillerie d’assaut de 1916 à 1918 (Lavauzelle: 1921) Lawrynowicz, Witold, Renault FT (Progres: 2006) Lawrynowicz, Witold, Schneider CA–St-Chamond (AJ Press: 2008) Mayet, Jean, Le Char 2C, (Musée des Blindés: 1996) Ortholan, Henri, La guerre des chars 1916–1918 (Bernard Giovangeli: 2007).

The scheme usually consisted of large blotches of ochre and brown over the army green with swathes of black to hide view slits. The army serial numbers in white on the lower frame were issued in blocks to the various plants with Renault using numbers in the 66000–68000 range, Schneider (Somua) in the 69000 range, Delauney-Belleville in the 70000 range and Berliet in the 73000 range. Some of the manufacturers painted their own serial numbers on the left hull side under the turret. This is a typical Berliet example in the 2001–2801 range.

The German Army E ST-CHAMOND, AS 31, BATTLE OF MALMAISON, OCTOBER 23, 1918 The tank, named Yvette, was commanded by Adjutant Moreau of the 4e Batterie, AS 31, during the autumn fighting. Like other tanks of the groupe, it is painted in a particularly elaborate camouflage scheme. com The Renault FT was prone to becoming trapped during trench crossing, especially in soft, wet ground. This fate has befallen a char canon of the AEF’s Co. C, 327th Tank Battalion, during the St-Mihiel fighting in September 1918.

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