Britannicus by Jean Racine

By Jean Racine

" L'idée de Narcisse, d'Agrippine et de Néron, l'idée si noire et si terrible qu'on se fait de leurs crimes, ne saurait s'effacer de l. a. mémoire du spectateur ", écrit Saint-Evremond en 1670. Si Britannicus a de quoi décontenancer, tant au XVIIe siècle qu'aujourd'hui, c'est que los angeles violence et los angeles noirceur des personnages mènent le tragique à son paroxysme, et l'humain à ses dernières limites. En nous montrant le début du règne de Néron et sa perversité terrifiante, Racine nous fait en effet assister, selon ses propres termes, à l. a. naissance d'un " monstre ".

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On the exact centre axis of the theatre, a little beyond the central bridge and the foundation blocks inserted in the rock to the south of it, is a neatly cut setting line on the surface of the rock. This, in such a place, would have had no significance, nor indeed been necessary if the present deep gutter had been contemporary with the rest of the koilon. But if we suppose that the lower, original rows of seats were ripped out and the rock below rows four and five brought to a new level to receive the altered construction, then a setting line to mark the exact axis of the theatre and assure that the new gutter was properly aligned would have been necessary.

19. the slipping forward of the hardpan and fill 10This measurement is taken from the unworn surface at overlying the rock below. Also, in the south- the outer edge of the course where it formed a bed for the below the prohedria. At its inner edge, toward the east sector, the two preservedrows, 45 and 46, plinth centre of the orchestra, the cutting is worn down to a height distance from the front of one row to the front of the next is not uniform, but changes somewhere along the slope. 81 m. 263 m.

42 m. 53 m. The marble tile standard from the Athenian Agora, published by Gorham P. Stevens, Hesperia, XIX, 1950, pp. 50 m. This is very close to the second series of tiles from the theatre. 07 m. 08 m. This corresponds very closely to a cover tile from the Agora published in figure 4 of Stevens' article. 26 R. S. Young, "An Industrial District of Athens," Hesperia, XX, 1951, p. 260, fig. WE W hind the ladder-type filling stones of the second course were found sherds of fourth century date. The bottom course of the wall rests on rock at the intended floor level of the lower storey of the skene.

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