Bound for Australia (Time Machine, No 20) by Nancy Bailey

By Nancy Bailey

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A month ago—June 3—was the day Venus passed across the sun’s face. Cook and his men built an observation fort on the beach, and he managed to observe the transit successfully—once he’d found the ship’s priceless quadrant, which the natives had stolen from his tent. Now that the observations are complete, it’s time for the Endeavor to leave. For the past few days, everyone’s been rushing around getting things ready. The carpenters must tear down the observation fort so that they can use the logs for firewood on the ship.

One of them is brandishing a huge lance. The other is holding a weapon 46 that he suddenly hurls at you. ” you shout, as it whizzes toward you—and sails back into his outstretched hand. Cook is staring at him, amazed. ” he asks. “Oh, that’s a boomerang, sir,” you say. Now Cook stares at you. “A what? ” Oops! you forgot that you are in the eighteenth century. No one outside of Australia is supposed to know what a boomerang is! “I mean, that’s what I’d call it if I had one,” you say quickly. ” “Well, whatever it’s called, we have to get ashore,” Cook says, scanning the beach for a good spot.

You bid the men a silent farewell and, heavy-hearted, find a secluded place where you can jump away. 21 Click here. 22 I t’s May 8, 1861—and for some reason you’re still at the camp on Cooper’s Creek. Burke, Wills, and King set off fifteen days ago to find Mount Hopeless. Now you’re standing alone, and once again you hear someone approaching. Who is it this time? You don’t have long to wonder, for in a minute two men on horseback come riding into the clearing toward you. They haven’t seen you yet, so you silently duck behind a tree.

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