Beowulf's Ecstatic Trance Magic: Accessing the Archaic by Nicholas E. Brink Ph.D., Stanley Krippner Ph.D.

By Nicholas E. Brink Ph.D., Stanley Krippner Ph.D.

Use ecstatic trance to trip to the time of Beowulf and research first hand the traditional magic of the early Nordic humans

• unearths a hidden part to the epic of Beowulf in the course of the standpoint of Queen Wealhtheow

• indicates how Grendel revered and wouldn't damage Queen Wealhtheow simply because she practiced the traditional magic of the mummy Goddess Freyja

• Explains how the magic practices of Queen Wealhtheow supply a blueprint for our emergence from the warlike nature of the previous millennia right into a time of peace and compassion for our nice mom Earth

Using the altered nation of ecstatic trance to entry the thoughts of the common brain, Nicholas verge of collapse takes us again to historical Scandinavia, to the time of the epic of Beowulf, the oldest piece of literature written within the English language. Sharing his ecstatic trance options alongside the best way, his trip permits us to re-experience the existence and shamanic practices of Queen Wealhtheow, the spouse of King Hrothgar, the king rescued through Beowulf from the torment of the monster Grendel.

Revealing a hidden aspect to the epic of Beowulf, breaking point info how Grendel revered and wouldn't damage Queen Wealhtheow and her instructor Vanadisdottir, a priestess of the goddess Freyja, for they practiced the traditional magic of the sooner hunter-gatherer period whilst the nice mom Earth was once worshipped. throughout the time of the queen the peaceable and compassionate traditions of this period have been turning into forgotten, succumbing to settlements, kingdoms, and territorial disputes. We achieve first-person event of Wealhtheow and Vanadisdottir’s veneration of the good mom and the traditional magic of the early Nordic humans as practiced through the seiðr employees, seers, and spirit tourists, the shamans of the time. those practices comprise divination in the course of the goddess Freyr, contacting undergo spirits, and spirit travelling to varied geographical regions.

As we event our personal time of transition and turmoil very like that of Beowulf’s time, Nicholas breaking point finds how the unique magic of our ancestors, as practiced via Queen Wealhtheow, presents a blueprint for our emergence from the warlike nature of the previous right into a time of peace and compassion for our nice mom Earth.

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