Bellona Military Vehicle Prints Series 36 by Nicola PIGNATO


Autoblindomitragliatrice Ansaldo (Lancia 1 ZM, 1917), Semovente da 105/25 su scafo M43 - 1943/44, StuG. M43 mit 75/34 (851)(i) - 1944/45, StuG. M43 mit 75/46 (852)(i) - 1944/45. large designated drawings provided in 1:76 and 1:48 scales.

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Grenade stowage box Max. speed '(cross-country): 20mph 14. Indirect fire panoramic sight Max. range: 200 miles 15. 2 miles per gallon 16. 50 cal. heavy machine gun Ground clearance: 17 inches 17. Rear weather cover folding brace Armament: 3-inch gun M7 in Mount M5; 18. Turret counterweight 19. Gun travel brace 20. Engine access grill 21. Engine fuel covers 22. 50 cal. 50 cal. M62 APC projectile: muzzle velocity 2,600 ft/sec; penetration of 93mm at 500 yards at 30 degrees 23. Rear lights M93 HVAP projectile: muzzle velocity 3,400 ft/sec; 24.

This unit was involved in the liberation of Paris where one of its M10s engaged in a duel with a Panther on the Place de la Concorde in the heart of the city. The regiment later distinguished itself in the fighting in Lorraine in September 1944, particularly the destruction of Panzer Brigade 112 at Dompaire. This unit served initially with Patton's Third Army during the summer of 1944, but later was attached to the Seventh US Army during the fighting in Alsace. All the other regiments served with the First French Army, attached to the Sixth US Army Group in Alsace in the fall and autumn of 1944.

In contrast to the US tank destroyer battalions, the initial French regiments had five M10s in each platoon instead of four, so that regimental strength was 45 instead of 36 M10s. The first four regiments were organized in the summer of 1943, the 7e, 8e, 9, and lIe Regiments des Chasseurs d'Mrique (RCA) in this heavy configuration, later called "type no. I". It was subsequently decided to organize the remaining regiments along the lines of American tank destroyer battalions with 36 M10s each, called "type no.

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