B-17 Flying Fortress Units of the MTO by William N Hess, Mark Styling

By William N Hess, Mark Styling

Even supposing the 15th Air strength was once brushed off as 'minor leaguers' through the 8th Air strength, strategic bombers from this outfit had performed a 'major league' task on Axis objectives in southern Europe following its formation in Italy in November 1943. And the heavy bombers hired through the 15th have been in fact the venerable B-17 and B-24. At its height energy, the Fifteenth's B-17 strength comprised six teams of 4 squadrons each one, all managed by means of the fifth Bomb Wing. Having been part of the 15th Air strength in 1944, writer invoice Hess has lengthy been ready to jot down a definitive account on 'his air force'.

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