Austrian Auxiliary Troops 1792-1816 by David Hollins

By David Hollins

To help her average troops, Austria made huge use of auxiliary forces through the innovative and Napoleonic Wars. The Balkan Grenzers played a mixture of army Frontier protect, box military and light-weight roles, and have been separated into the nationwide Grenz regiments in 1798. French émigrés, Belgian and varnish volunteers, German Jäger and Balkan refugees shaped volunteer devices within the 1790s, that have been usually regularised into gentle Battalions (1798-1801).The armed forces garrison troops of 1800 have been constructed into the conscript Landwehr of 1808, even supposing volunteers (Freiwillige) joined the sphere military in 1809. Hungary and Croatia supplied conventional insurrection militias that fought at Raab in 1809. This name examines the several histories, supplier and vibrant uniforms of those multi-national troops.

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