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Anyone who has frolicked with kids understands that the movement of questions is endless-and that each resolution is mostly greeted with "why?" during this new sequence, childrens can get the solutions instantly from the source!

Are all spider webs an analogous? the place are your eyes, butterfly?
Ask a computer virus solutions the who, what, while, the place, and why of bugs and their family members in order that children won't need to malicious program you for answers.

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Which is the longest? A type of stick insect in Malaysia and Indonesia can grow to nearly 2 ft (55 cm) long. Which flaps the fastest? A midge fly flaps its wings 1,046 beats a second. Which is the heaviest? A pregnant giant weta found in New Zealand holds the record for being the world’s heaviest insect. ” Which is the strongest? The male horned dung beetle is able to pull a ball of dung 1,141 times its body weight. That is equal to a person dragging six full double-decker buses. 31 Glossary Abdomen The bottom part of an insect’s body.

In Ecuador, palm weevil larvae are eaten. 28 In Bogota, Colombia, people eat roasted atta ant abdomens instead of popcorn at the movies. 5 things to know about us... 1. There are 2,000 edible insects around the world. 2. A cricket contains lots of calcium to strengthen bones. 3. A caterpillar contains lots of protein, iron, and vitamins. 4. Termites contain no carbohydrates, but are full of protein and energy. 5. Bugs are also useful in making medicines. In Japan, sushi is topped with insects. Europe Asia Why do bugs bug me?

That is equal to a person dragging six full double-decker buses. 31 Glossary Abdomen The bottom part of an insect’s body. Colony A group of the same type of animal, living together. Compound eye A bug’s eye that is made up of many tiny eyes. Exoskeleton A skeleton, or hard shell, on the outside of an animal that protects and supports its soft body parts. Head The top part of an insect’s body. Larvae The newly-hatched wingless young that will become an insect. Mandibles A pair of mouthparts, or jaws, that an insect uses to bite, cut, or carry food.

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