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Causation and liberty walk side by side, neither excluding the other. Correspondingly his conception of the arts and crafts, as working into external things some forms already existent in the mind, brings out strongly the humanizing aspect of those activities. In all these domains Aristotle still broadens our intellectual outlook. Even after the terrific tensions and the undermining erosions of twenty-three centuries his thought has much to offer. The following papers of mine aimed to investigate some aspects of it that have been notably influential.

2 It was a legal term. The corresponding verb, however, had in popular usage also the senses of show, reveal, prove, signify, declare, and so on. " The linguistic development would indicate that the basic meaning of the noun as it passed over into its philosophical sense was ''that which is asserted" of something else. Correspondingly, the verbal form in its technical use would mean ''to assert something" of something else. The opening chapter of the Categories fails to reveal whether it is introducing a grammatical, a logical, or a metaphysical treatise.

Since Page 6 the concepts are basic in logic, their flexible correspondence to reality will ground a logic that is not restricted in grasp to any single category, such as the quantitative or mathematical. It likewise allows the same existent to be known individually as Socrates, specifically as a man, generically as an animal or a living thing or a corporeal thing, and supergenerically as a being or as good. Neither truth nor falsehood is found in these simple objects of the categories, objects that are designated by mere names.

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