Aquariums (Field Trips) by Jennifer Blizin Gillis

By Jennifer Blizin Gillis

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Fiona gives me one of her looks. ‘Sally, I hate to bring the subject up, but have you thought any more about…’ I know she is referring to Diarmuid. ’ Fiona nods, and I know she wants me to talk about Diarmuid. If I were Fiona and had left my husband, I would be talking about it and getting advice and support and perhaps even crying. Because Fiona doesn’t just know how to be happy; she knows how to be sad. She cries at funerals and she cries at poignant films. She cried buckets when Alfie Armitage went off with Naomi O’Sullivan at that dance when we were fifteen; she was heartbroken for a week, until she met that French exchange student who was the first person to feel inside her bra.

I began to wonder if Aggie was just being sly when she said those things. Maybe she thought that saying DeeDee could help me would make me want to look for her. ’ Diarmuid actually managed to make it seem like he was driving past just by chance, though now I know he must have watched me walking down the road. ’ I accepted because I knew I could be waiting at the bus stop for half an hour. In fact, Diarmuid’s ‘lift’ was very welcome – until I realised he wasn’t driving me to my cottage. He was driving me to ‘our’ house.

Do let’s try to keep in touch. ’ I look at the bottom of the page. ’ ‘I’ve told you about her, Erika,’ I say into my mobile, somewhat impatiently. I’m striding along a road towards my parents’ house, panting slightly. ‘She’s the girl… the woman he dated for five years. ’ ‘Oh, yes… just a moment. ’ Erika is working as a temporary receptionist. At this minute she’s saying, ‘International Holdings,’ to someone, though she doesn’t know why the holdings are international or what the company actually does with them.

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