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Periodic solutions of nonlinear wave equations with general nonlinearities

Authored through prime students, this entire, self-contained textual content offers a view of the state-of-the-art in multi-dimensional hyperbolic partial differential equations, with a selected emphasis on difficulties within which glossy instruments of study have proved beneficial. Ordered in sections of steadily expanding levels of hassle, the textual content first covers linear Cauchy difficulties and linear preliminary boundary price difficulties, sooner than relocating directly to nonlinear difficulties, together with surprise waves.

Chinese mathematics competitions and olympiads: 1981-1993

This ebook comprises the issues and suggestions of 2 contests: the chinese language nationwide highschool festival from 198182 to 199293, and the chinese language Mathematical Olympiad from 198586 to 199293. China has a superb checklist within the foreign Mathematical Olympiad, and the publication comprises the issues that have been used to spot the staff applicants and choose the chinese language groups.

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