An introduction to advanced complex calculus by Kenneth S Miller

By Kenneth S Miller

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NET framework. Linq; The namespaces have changed from the May CTP. We need to include these namespaces into our project to take advantage of the LINQ to XML features. There are a lot of XML-specific query operators that come with LINQ, which we can use for querying and manipulating the XML elements and values, as we do in our normal SQL queries. Visual Studio also provides IntelliSense for accessing some of the query methods and properties that will make a developer's life easier. In this chapter, we will see how to use LINQ to XML features for navigating and manipulating the XML elements and attributes.

Now let us take a string value and try to find out the number of upper case letters in the string. For example, assign a string value to the variable aString as shown below. string aString = "Satheesh Kumar"; [ 29 ] LINQ to Objects Now let us build a query to read the string and find out the number of characters that are in upper case. The query should be of type IEnumerable. IsUpper method in the where clause to find out the upper case letters from the string. WriteLine("Count = {0}", count); Reading from Text Files A file could be called a collection, irrespective of the data contained in it.

We can use the overloaded method Elements (XName), which takes XName as parameter. xml file�. foreach (XElement nod in LoadClassicIcecreamsFile. Value); } If the XElement node has more than one child element, we can use the Elements method to traverse through the child elements. If we have only one child element, we can directly point to that using the Element method. In the above code we are looping through the Icecreams element as it has many children. Inside the loop, we have directly used the Element method to get the Name element from the tree as there is no child element for the Name.

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