Airbus A320 and A321 Flight Crew Training Manual Vol. 1

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01 Page 31 GENERAL REV 21 MAY 98 A319/A320/A321 FLIGHT CREW TRAINING MANUAL BASE TRAINING BRIEFING (CONT’D) 03 - EQUIPMENT (CONT’D) DOCUMENTATION (CONT’D) : A. O. REGISTRATION (END) b. Training Documentation - Weight and balance report * - RTOLW * - JEPPESEN documentation * - Notams * - Weather folder * - AI/ST-T flight LOG - AI/ST-T briefing book - Airbus maintenance LOG - Flight syllabus - Take-off data cards (if needed) c. ATC Flight Plan d. Documentation for Flight Outside France - Certificate of insurance * - Crew general declaration * - Manifests for passengers and cargo * - Overflight and landing permits * e.

06 [SOPs - Cockpit Preparation]). It may be useful to programme the FMGS in the following order. Remember to fill in all the amber boxes. Enter other information as time allows. - INIT A page - F-PLN page A & B - SEC F-PLN - RAD NAV page - INIT B page - PERF page Consider using the secondary flight plan to have available ; an alternate runway, departure routing, return to the departure airfield or routing to take off alternate. • PNF should cross check all data entries in FMGS. • Once the completed load sheet has been received, the FMGS INIT B page may be filled in with relevant information.

Monitors engine parameters on ECAM during the starting sequence. 07 - COMMON ERRORS • • • • • • • • Thrust lever(s) not at idle. IGN/START not selected before ENG MASTER sw ON. Bleed pressure not checked. APU Bleed not on. Hand not on the ENG MASTER sw (manual start). Stopwatch not used or not started at ENG MASTER sw ON (manual start). ENG MASTER sw ON below maximum motoring speed (manual start). ENG START sel left at IGN/START after start completion. 10 Page 1 TAXI REV 21 MAY 98 A319/A320/A321 FLIGHT CREW TRAINING MANUAL 01 - TRAINING OBJECTIVE • To taxi safely using correct nose wheel steering and braking techniques.

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