Advances In Medicinal Plants by Sandhya Agrawal

By Sandhya Agrawal

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Enantiomer Separation: Fundamentals and Practical Methods

Many very important pharmaceutical medicinal drugs, chemical substances for the natural synthesis of chiral compounds, digital parts reminiscent of liquid crystals, and polymeric fabrics are chiral (enantiomeric). the improvement of recent sensible tools for the guidance of enantiomerically natural elements is therefore important.

Neuropeptide Y and Drug Development

Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is a ubiquitous and demanding messenger within the anxious approach, with quite a lot of physiological roles. it truly is concerned about the physique strength stability and is without doubt one of the so much powerful stimuli of meals consumption identified. NPY additionally acts to manage crucial and peripheral autonomic capabilities. This ebook, written via educational and commercial specialists within the box, hyperlinks the latest simple experimental wisdom approximately NPY and its receptors with components of medical value.

Modified Nucleosides: in Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Medicine

Edited by means of one of many major riding forces at the back of the field's momentous upward push in recent times, this one-stop reference is the 1st accomplished source to combine fresh advances. the 1st half addresses biochemical facets and functions, the second one and 3rd elements are dedicated to compounds with healing capability, with the 3rd half concentrating on newly brought anticancer nucleoside medications.

Dose Optimization in Drug Development

Arguably the main tough element of drug improvement, as soon as proof-of-concept is completed for a singular mechanism, is defining the “right” dose. certainly, the query swiftly expands to correct for whom? somebody? A inhabitants? a particular illness? a distinct demographic? The solutions can yield a dizzying array of choices.

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Marketing 55 Carminative, antispasmodic, disphoretic, ecbolic, antisuppurative, aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, Gum resin is commonly used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. u, Kaishoreguggulu, Chandraprabha vati. Gum-resin is in great demand. 12. INDIAN BARBERY L 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Name of Medicinal Plant Family Local Name Habit & Habitat Plant part used Actual Ingradients Important States Cultural Practices i. Varieties/Types / Clones Released/identified Propagotion Biochemical analysis (Active ingredients) Post Harvest Management Berberis aristata DC Berberidaceae Chitra, Rasaut An erect spinous shrub, 2 - 6 m.

4. Tinospora cordifolia wild miers, ex hook Meninspermaceae Giloe A large, glabrous, deciduous climbing shrub found throughout tropical India. Ascending to an altitude of 300 m. Stem rather succulent with long filiform flesh aerial roots from the branches. Bark gray-brown or creamy white. Leaves membranous, cordate with a Cultivation of Medicinal Plants 5. Propagation 6. Utilisation 7. Plant part used Active Ingredients tultural Practices i. Varieties/Types/Clones Released/identified ii. Propagation methods and planting time iii.

The diversion is made possible by assured pollination due to cleistogamy despite the availability of fewer ovules borne by the pistil. On the contrary in all chasm<,gamous flowers, aerial as well as diageotropic, greater share of resources is invested in floral advertisement; it approaches 62% in male and 42-50% in hermaphrodite chasmogamous flowers. From the tota1 reproductive investment 'on chasmogamous hermaphrodite flowers, 56-61% investment is channelised to male function. Even in cleistogamous flowers of the aerial branches, the ratio between pistil and stamen biomass is male biased unlike their subterranean counterparts.

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