A reference grammar of spoken Kannada by Harold F. Schiffman

By Harold F. Schiffman

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The most important political developments at the close of the century took place in the area of relations with Revolutionary France, where Napoleon Bonaparte had embarked on a process of territorial expansion. Under the direction of Paul, Russia followed an inconsistent course of action concerning France. Russia took the lead in forming a European alliance against France, then deserted its allies and went over to the French side. At home Paul’s policies seemed just as erratic, and his attacks on the nobility created powerful enemies and led to his overthrow and murder in 1801 in a palace revolution led by Counts Nikita Panin and Peter Pahlen.

Catherine’s coup also affected her son, Paul (born 1754). Rather than making Paul the successor and ruling in his name, she became empress. At the time, the coup of 1762 seemed like just one more of the many palace revolutions that had marked the 18th century. It was not clear how long a foreign empress would manage to hold on to the throne. As it turned out, this was just the beginning of a long and celebrated reign. Catherine II brought Russia a period of stability in the monarchy, spectacular success in foreign policy, and continuing Westernization.

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