A New Concept of the Universe by Walter Russell

By Walter Russell

A short treatise at the Russell Cosmogony, with its new idea of sunshine, subject, power, electrical energy and Magnetism. this can be a uncomplicated but entire, constant and plausible cosmogony which wil permit destiny scientists to imagine the universe as One entire, and should open the door to the hot age of transmutation.

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Cosmology bargains with the present nation of considering the elemental questions on the middle of the sphere of cosmology. extra emphasis than ordinary is wear the connections to similar domain names of technological know-how, corresponding to geometry, relativity, thermodynamics, particle physics, and - particularly - at the intrinsic connections among the several subject matters.

The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter (Science Essentials)

Within the first fractions of a moment after the massive Bang lingers a question on the middle of our very life: why does the universe include subject yet nearly no antimatter? The legislation of physics let us know that equivalent quantities of topic and antimatter have been produced within the early universe--but then, anything bizarre occurred.

The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the Dead

A professor of physics explains how he used a mathematical version of the universe to verify the life of God and the possibility that each human who ever lived could be resurrected from the useless. Reprint. PW.

Black Holes in Higher Dimensions

Black holes are some of the most amazing predictions of Einstein's basic relativity. lately, principles in brane-world cosmology, string thought and gauge/gravity duality have stimulated reviews of black holes in additional than 4 dimensions, with remarkable effects. In larger dimensions, black holes exist with unique shapes and strange dynamics.

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