A New Aristotle Reader by J. L. Ackrill

By J. L. Ackrill

In one quantity that may be of provider to philosophy scholars of all degrees and to their lecturers, this reader presents smooth, exact translations of the texts valuable for a cautious research of such a lot facets of Aristotle's philosophy. In opting for the texts Professor J. L. Ackrill has drawn on his large adventure of training graduate periods, and his selection displays problems with present philosophical curiosity in addition to the perennial issues. purely contemporary translations which in achieving a excessive point of accuracy were selected; the purpose is to put the Greekless reader, as approximately as attainable, within the place of a reader of Greek. As an reduction to review, Professor Ackrill offers a precious advisor to the major themes lined. The advisor provides references to the works or passages inside the reader, and indication in their interrelations, and present bibliography.

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Moreover, some have a relatively technical character, and employ technical terms or make use of ordinary words in special ways. For these reasons the translations of different works will themselves vary in style, from the smooth and flowing to the terse and elliptical. The translations contained in this book are all careful and good translations. Many come from the Clarendon Aristotle series (Oxford University Press), a series of volumes specially designed to provide accurate versions for philosophical students.

II. Title. ) CONTENTS Translations Aristotle's Works Introduction Glossary TEXTS Logic Natural Philosophy Metaphysics Practical Philosophy Topics List of Books TRANSLATIONS Logic Categories 1–5 De Interpretatione 1–11 Prior Analytics I. 1–7; 27, 43a25–43 II. 21 Posterior Analytics I. 1–4, 10, 13 II. 1–2, 8–10, 12, 19 Topics I. Natural Philosophy Physics I. 1–2, 5–9 II. III. 207a14 IV. 21Ob32–212a21; 10–11 VIII. 267a21–b26 On the Heavens I. 281b3–33 II. 292a1O–b25 III. 6 On Generation and Corruption I.

The species in which the things primarily called substances are, are called secondary 15 substances, as also are the genera of these species. For example, the individual man belongs in a species, man, and animal is a genus of the species; so these—both man and animal—are called secondary substances. It is clear from what has been said that if something is said of a subject both its name and its definition are necessarily predicated of 20 the subject. For example, man is said of a subject, the individual man, and the name is of course predicated (since you will be predicating man of the individual man), and also the definition of man will be predicated of the individual man (since the individual man is also a 25 man).

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