A History of Clan Campbell by Alastair Campbell of Airds

By Alastair Campbell of Airds

The main in-depth and authoritative heritage of the extended family Campbell to be had. Commissioned through the extended family Campbell schooling organization in Louisiana, it's a complete heritage in 3 volumes with a foreward by way of the Duke of Argyll. absolutely illustrated all through with maps and genealogies and twenty pages of plates. It contains six appendices with an entire genealogical research of the extended family and contains an authoritative account of the Clans' tartans.

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But the modern attempt to group all MacIvers and every form of the name of ‘Thomas’s Son’ together and to call them ‘Clans’ has no historical justification any more than the grouping of all MacArthurs, regardless of the totally different stocks from which those of the name spring. The author of Ane Accompt is clearly aware of this problem of the diverse origins of the MacArthurs, and gets round it by producing a father called Arthur who has no fewer than three sons all also called Arthur, from whom the various MacArthur families derive.

But in certain cases it could be the mother’s claim of descent that was the important one, and the differing male line had to be excused and accounted for. This is less bloodthirsty and more likely than the tale of the great feasting arranged by King Kenneth for the Pictish nobility, who each had a Scottish aristocrat standing behind them to minister to their every want. At a given signal, the Scots stepped forward and slit the throats of their unwitting guests. Since then, there have been many examples of the usurping incomer.

Malcom’s second son was Gillespig or Archibald, said by some to have been an officer in William the Conqueror’s army who came from France to Scotland and married Evah, daughter of Paul oduibhn and of the heiress of Lochawe (see below). At this point, we return to Diarmid O’Duibn’s other son. Arthur Armdhearg (‘Red-armoured’) was the father of four sons. The first was Sir Paul oduibhn, the second was Arthur Urchanach, the third Arthur Cruachan who was Tutor to his niece Evah and Depute of Lorne for the King, and the fourth was Arthur Andrairan.

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