A Companion to Yi jing Numerology and Cosmology by Bent Nielsen

By Bent Nielsen

Translations of the Yi jing into western languages were biased in the direction of the yili ('meaning and pattern') culture, while stories of the xiangshu ('image and number') culture - which takes as its element of departure the imagery and numerology linked to divination and its hexagrams, trigrams, traces, and comparable charts and diagrams - has remained particularly unexplored. This significant new reference paintings is organised as a Chinese-English encyclopedia, prepared alphabetically in line with the pinyin romanisation, with chinese language characters appended. a personality index in addition to an English index is integrated. The entries are of 2 varieties: technical phrases and numerous different techniques regarding the 'image and quantity' culture, and bio-bibliographical details on chinese language Yi jing students. every one access within the former classification has a quick rationalization that comes with references to the origins of the time period, cross-references, and a connection with an access giving a extra complete therapy of the topic.

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E. the bottom line) of the hexagram. s'L, see DANG WEI); consequently, it is an inauspicious constellation of line and position. 7]. See YAO WEI. J] -fn.. The first position. This refers to the bottom positions of a hexagram or a trigram. s'L). See YAOWEI. ). Erudite of The Five Classics liJ~ (see JING) at the court of the Liang ~ (502-57) in the early 6th cent. [LS 3:657; NS 6:1842]. Fragments of his lost comm. show influence from both WANG HI and ZHENG XVAN and are often similar to those of an otherwise unknown Mr.

Zizhi T It. Chao worked as an Auxiliary in the Hall of Literature. He is undoubtedly best known for the annot. bib!. of his own collection of books, The Account of Books Read in the Junzhai [Studio] W~giii~, which he completed in 1151. Only little is known of his studies of The Changes; he is said to have drawn on ancient and contemporary scholars alike to illustrate the changing of the hexagram lines and differences in meaning and pronunciation of words in the text [JYK 1:25/2B-3A). ]. :J. it - see CHAO YUEZHI.

Cui is laterally linked with DA XU [26] ==, see PANG TONG GUA. t) of DUI's palace and the 6th month, see BA GONG GUA. In the arrangement correlating 'the hexagrams and the vital material force' CU~), Cui is one of 'the great officials' hexagrams and belongs to the 8th month, see GUA QI. ~, def. 2. Jf. - see CUI JIN ~J[. t. CUI JIN ill. ). No details of his life are recorded. MA GUOHAN [(I) 257] thought he may be identical with a Cui Jin ~fI mentioned in BS. Two fragments of his corom. on The Changes are preserved: One on WENYAN 1 in LI DINGZUO [(3) YJJC 9:44] and one on the explanation of the three meanings of ~ (see VI) in KONG YINGDA [(2) YJJC 4:8-9].

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